Rubyblue is a Nottinghamshire based design studio with a reputation for simple, stylish and unique artwork. Recent commissions include editorial design for Iceberg Press and Bauer Media, business stationery for the Executives In Sports Group and gift ideas for The Lost Lanes and The Stuff of Life.

At Rubyblue we believe that a successful project comes from personal feeling and thought, taking great care to listen to your needs. Clarity, simplicity, functional need and emotional response are all equally considered.

Enjoying the physical possibilities of design has naturally extended work within the studio. Doing everything from digital to letterpress printing - including wedding invitations, business stationery, greeting cards, prints, brochures, magazines and books.

Established in 2012, Rubyblue Design is owned by Clare Godden, previously an Art Editor for over
12 years working in national print media.

Ordering stationery bears many decisions but this is the important one. Each of these printing methods result in a different style, time and cost.

Letterpress printing dates back to the 15th century where writing and images are indented into the paper to create a sense of depth and texture. The process uses a raised surface of a printing plate, metal or wood type to create the impression, the depth on the impression can vary depending upon the thickness and softness of paper. Each impression is done by hand, making each print unique to the next. More time consuming but with great results.

Digital printing refers to printing from a digitally-based image direct from a computer. This method uses laser or inkjet printers and allows a quick turnaround, as no plates are needed and modification can be made to an image between an impression. Each impression will be the same and inks come in an unlimited choice of colour. A more affordable option on a quicker time scale.

  Letterpress printing        Recommended creative specialists    Ed Godden Photography

Letterpress printing


Recommended creative specialists
Ed Godden Photography

If you would like a design quote for your wedding invitations, business stationery or any other project,
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